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WSU Friend Accounts

Jane Facultymember   September 25, 2006   Help

What Services Are Available to WSU Friend Accounts?

What can I do with my Friend Account?

You may make an electronic payment on a WSU account, student loan, or housing & dining account. Additional services are planned.

What else might I do?

Most WSU network services require sponsorship by a WSU unit, faculty or staff member, or student. Examples:

  • Third party access to a student's official WSU records via WSU Third Party Access
  • Online resources for classes taken by non-WSU students, or taught by guest instructors
  • Wireless network access for conference attendees, vendors and others
  • Viewing of students' electronic portfolios by prospective employers
  • Computing lab access for non-WSU students

What are service authorizations?

Sponsors authorize Friend Accounts for services. To view service authorizations sponsored on your behalf via the Friend Accounts system, select "View My Authorizations" on the main menu.

In addition, some authorizations are sponsored outside the Friend Accounts system, such as permission to view a student's electronic portfolio or official WSU records. If you have any authorizations of this type, you will be notified separately.

How do I obtain sponsorship?

In most cases, sponsorship is initiated by a WSU unit, faculty or staff member, or student on your behalf. A Friend Account is created and/or given authorization for needed online services. For example, a WSU faculty member authorizes a guest instructor for online class resources.

If you have not been contacted by a sponsor and need access to a WSU network service, please request authorization from the appropriate party, or contact the WSU Help Desk for assistance.

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